Riding the Digital Wave to Enable Next Generation Product Development!

Narendra Pitre
Global Practices Head, Geometric Ltd.

On Google search engine, the average monthly search volume of the word ‘digital’ is in the range of 10K to 1 Mn. It is one of the most talked about word in CXO community, across verticals and geographies. While the penetration would be different in different verticals; it is on the agenda of global manufacturers and service providers.

Three fundamentals that Project Managers should never lose track of

Sandip Panat
Global Head – Project Management Center of Excellence, Geometric Ltd.

A Project Manager (or PM) often gets dragged into the ‘urgent and important’ issues and tends to lose sight of the key aspects of Project Management. I have seen managers taking up complex Project management tasks, but often floundering on the fundamentals – probably as they get into the grind, they stop doing the obvious. I feel the following points are the fundamentals of managing projects, which the practicing PM should never lose track of.

Re-birth of the Automobile

Pranav Khurjekar
Senior Engineer, Presales and Technical Support,, Geometric Ltd.

The past decade has seen the technology evolving at breakneck speed and this pace is about to increase in the coming few years with the focus now firmly on IoT and Connected technology. As a consumer, these are exciting times with world of possibilities at their disposal, however from an industry standpoint, there are equal number of challenges and opportunities that needs to be addressed.

Know the Biggest Data Exchange Challenges to Establishing Partnerships

Pravin Girase
Product Manager, Geometric Ltd.

Peter Bilello, President – CIMdata quotes “The future of manufacturing is in joint-development, design, production, and service of products”. Indeed, with changing business environment and market agility, organizations are entering into new partnerships, or creating joint ventures, to gain access to local markets, technology, resources, and increase their product range rapidly.

The HOLE in the PLM System

Kiran Jambhekar
China Geography Head, Geometric Ltd.

After spending several years in China since 2008, undergoing various discussions especially with Automotive world in China, and hearing from lot of experts, I realize that most of the OEMs in China (MNC JV’s , SOE’s and Private OEM in China) are aspiring to build more comprehensive end to end capabilities in new product development.

Improve Cost Control in Aerospace and Defense with Should Cost Analysis

Prakash Chandran
Practice Head – VAVE & Localization, Geometric Ltd.

Although Aerospace and Defense are viewed as part of the same industry, the challenges they face are completely different. While defense companies are facing stringent budget cuts and fiscal constraints, the commercial aerospace industry is experiencing a surge in demand, and is under significant cost and delivery cycle time pressure. However, both sectors face the fundamental challenges of managing rising production costs in the face of changing cost structures and market dynamics.